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The Wavelet Studio project is a set of tools built in C# to assist the signal processing with Wavelet Analysis.
More information about the topic can be found in the vast literature available on the Internet. In particular I suggest the excellent The Wavelet Tutorial.

The documentation is now available at:

Implemented features
- Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
- Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT)
- Support for most common discrete wavelet (Haar, Daubechies 2 to 10, Coiflets1-5, DMeyer, Symlets 2-8)
- Make and use your own mother wavelet function
- 8 Signal Extension methods: SymmetricHalfPoint, SymmetricWholePoint, AntisymmetricHalfPoint, AntisymmetricWholePoint, PeriodicPadding, ZeroPadding, SmoothPadding0 (continuous), SmoothPadding1
- Estimate location of disturbance based on the normal distribution
- Signal generation of Sine, Sawtooth, Square and Triangle waves
- Application to demonstrate the features

Checkout the "Issue Tracker" and see the future features!


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