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Block: Interpolation

Increases the sampling rate of a signal using linear, nearest, cubic, Newton’s or polynomial interpolation methods.


Mode: Defines the interpolation method used by the block:
> Linear - Linear interpolation
> Nearest - Nearest neighbour interpolation
> Cubic - Cubic interpolation (spline)
> Polynomial - Polynomial interpolation using the Neville's Algorithm
> NewtonForm - Newton form of polynomial interpolation

Factor: Defines the interpolation factor used in the interpolation function or how many
samples will be inserted between samples of the signal. Default value is 5 (insert 4 samples).


The following example shows an usage in C#.

//Creates a signal with 4 samples
var signal = new ImportFromTextBlock { Text = "14, 20, 11, 41" };
var block = new InterpolationBlock
    Factor = 10, //(will insert 9 samples)

//Connect and execute blocks


The above example generates the following set of inputs and outputs:

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